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This project started out as a mission to have most everything, in the best quality, for myself, because... why not? I originally shared access to my server for free, and when people realized the extent of my library, word quickly spread, and within a few weeks, I had nearly 50 people that I was sharing it with, and the server couldn't handle it. It became slow and unusable for everyone. It was at that point that several people told me that I should charge $5/mo for it, since it was better than Netflix (due to having everything within an hour of airing), and that would thin out the people that didn't want to pay and keep the server usable.

That was almost 4 years ago. Since then, plex has been running smoothly and efficiently. We have grown to a larger handful of subscribers, and with that, the server has grown. With the recent job change, the servers needed to be migrated off work equipment (yes, yes....) and so I built a state-of-the-art $1,500 dedicated plex server in February of 2017. I also upgraded my storage to a total of 78TB (that's, 78 Terabytes) of total storage between the primary and backup plex server. We now have two servers, both fast and in sync. The primary dedicated server has a dedicated 1Gbps internet connection, and can handle dozens of simultaneous streams. It's been a journey, but one that started while I was in college, and continues now that I work a full time job in I.T. Also, since the good old days of 2013, torrents have nearly died due to government seizures, so I've had to switch to Usenet, which costs an average of $200/year. However, it's a necessity, and it's actually faster than torrents were, which is nice.

This latest addition has brought my total investment up to around $7,000, not counting the $200/year I spend on the Usenet subscriptions.

So why do all this? If I was building all of this just for myself I could have done it for around $1,500-$2500. I did this because of all of you. I've had faithful subscribers for almost 4 years now, and I know if I were subscribed to something like this, (something, by the way, that you can't get anywhere else), I would be devastated to lose it. Plex has become a way of life for me, as I use it multiple times daily. I can't work so hard to create something this awesome only to let it fade away...

So, I've done this work to keep it alive. Because something like this shouldn't ever end....

But, I still have monetary investment to think of. Yes, I do have several of you paying $5/mo for 'nothing' ;) - But at this rate it would take 8 years to pay off the equipment alone, and the servers will certainly need to be upgraded several times before then.

Which brings me to my next topic: Friends. Obviously, this cannot become a huge huge server again, but I'm confident that if you were to share this with friends whom you trust, and ask them not to share it with more than one person, that we could contain the scale of growth to a manageable level. Obviously, if you do share this, stress the importance of keeping this on the 'down-low', and also please do only share it with people you really do trust.

Thanks to these new server upgrades, we can handle several dozen more subscribers, which would go a long way towards me being able to keep upgrading and maintaining this server. Food for thought.

Additionally, if you want to donate, I've included a donate button below... - No obligation, just wanted to give the option if you're really happy with the new server speeds and the selection.

Feel free to use this request form as frequently as you'd like! I can't guarantee I can get everything, but I'll do my best.

Thanks again! And as always, thanks for being the best part of plex!

-Vince, of VinceFlix

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